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Across Dubai Creek

01 Dubai Creek (61)

Dubai Creek is the main geographic landmark of Dubai.  The Creek, 14 km long, divides Dubai into its two original neighborhoods – Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai.  The Creek has played a major role in the history and economic development achieved by Dubai beginning in the days when desert nomads first settled on its banks in the 19th century.  Dubai Creek has been a center for the traditional pearl trade and now for international shipping and trade.  The Creek was dredged and widened decades to ago to allow larger ships ease of entry.

Abras on Dubai CreekA number of bridges cross the creek, built mostly for cars but also used by pedestrians, but within the old parts of the city, the abra is still the preferred way to cross Dubai Creek.  Abras are water taxis that are constantly making their way back and forth, from one bank to the other and back again.  The ride is cheap — only one dirham (about 30 cents USA).  It’s a short fun ride and interesting for people watching.  Dinner cruises and such are available if you’re interested in exploring the Creek at night, and daytime tours of the Creek are also available.

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