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“Pic of the Week”, July 7, 2017. A Wedding in Palermo

04 Wedding in Palermo Palazzo del Normanni (16)

One of the pleasures of traveling is stumbling on memorable scenes of everyday life.  So it was as we waited to gain admittance to the Capella Palatina in Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo.  As we paid to enter the complex, we were told the chapel was closed for an hour for a “private function”.  This gave us time to wander through those other rooms in the palazzo that were open that day, returning to the Capella an hour later just as a crowd was leaving the small royal chapel.

It was a wonderful Sicilian wedding!  A beautiful bride and proud groom had just been joined in matrimony in one of the most spectacular churches on the planet.  Their cadre of well-groomed friends and family were there to wish them well!  I’m not sure how much influence it takes to have your marriage held in a royal chapel, but it must be pretty substantial.  Here’s some of the scenes we saw:

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