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Signs of Krakow

Signs of Krakow (23)

I loved the days we spent in Krakow!  The city was everything I expected — and more.  Krakow and its people that have survived a lot of hardship over the years, most recently including Nazi and Soviet occupation.  The country and its people are now free and thriving.  And remarkably, Krakow has endured the ravages of war and occupation with its beautiful medieval core intact.

There’s a lot to see and do in the town, from historic Wawel Castle (and its

Cathedral), inviting Market Square, to beautiful churches and museums in the old town.  It’s a city of advanced learning with a strong tradition of faith, from which Pope John Paul II advanced as leader of his church.  The former Jewish quarter, Kazimierz, has many old synagogues and cemeteries, and while its Jewish population was decimated in the 20th century (started by the Nazis, finished by the Soviets), it’s a lively and interesting place.

Let’s not forget the wonderful food — hearty, tasty soups, dumplings and bread, and much more.  Polish people like to eat and like to eat out!

Today I’d like to introduce you to the city, as I often do, by its signs.  Informative, often entertaining and clever, the signage of Krakow is diverse as anywhere I’ve been, as you can see for yourself:

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