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“Pic of the Week”, March 11, 2016: A small Sicilian Hill town


Sicily is known for it’s hilly landscapes, but we were surprised at just how steep and mountainous the island’s terrain is.  It’s very common to see small towns draped over hills that seem impossibly steep.

We were driving our car rental from the beautiful seaside city of Agrigento to Villa Roma del Casale, which has some of the best preserved Roman mosaics in the world.  Our GPS routed us through a small town that I believe was Canicatti.  We were directed over the hills through farm country, down roads that became progressively worse and worse and which dead-ended on a muddy flat.  Never trust only a GPS.

We doubled back and navigated the old-fashioned way, with maps, having wasted about a half hour.  A benefit, though, is that we had got to enjoy this pretty overview of this love hill town twice.  I stopped along the farm roads and snapped these photos.

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