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Disney World’s Boardwalk, Orlando

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Few places do a better job of creating false reality than Walt Disney World.  When I recently visited Orlando, I attended a medical meeting within the theme park, not far from the”Epcot Resort” region.  This area is near Crescent Lake and includes the Beach and Yacht Club resorts and Disney’s Boardwalk.  While I was in a beautiful subtropical place, the area gave me the very carefully crafted impression I was somewhere else.  It’s one of the many aspects of the Disney parks I really enjoy.

The Beach and Yacht Club resorts are designed in the New England style and feature the top quality amenities you’d expect when staying at Disney — comfortable rooms, pools, a variety of eateries — but also have a sandy beach, beach volleyball, a fire-pit on the beach, a lighthouse, and a carefully crafted shipwreck you and your family can explore.  It’s a short walk from Epcot Center …….and a boat will take you to Disney’s Hollywood Studios if that’s where you’d like to spend a day.

Boardwalk, Walt Disney World

Boardwalk, Walt Disney World

On the other side of the Crescent lake is Disney’s Boardwalk.  Like Disney Springs, it doesn’t require an admission fee to visit and you can stroll this boardwalk and enjoy the recreated feel of walking beside the cool Atlantic.  There are a variety of games and arcades, fine places to eat, pubs and a sports bar, and a dancing hall.  The Boardwalk really comes alive when the sun goes down and is a popular place to be able to enjoy the Epcot fireworks for free.

I didn’t stay at any of these properties, but everyday during our lunch break I’d walk the one mile or so loop around the boardwalk and enjoy the craftsmanship and feeling that I was somewhere else.  It was a welcome and most pleasant distraction.


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