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“Pic of the Week”, August 7, 2015: Table Mountain’s “Tablecloth”

1 Table Mountain

It’s fascinating being atop Table Mountain, the mountain that dominates beautiful Cape Town in South Africa.  There’s an easy and a hard way to get atop the mesa of that mountain.  The hard way is to walk up — steep grades and a significant verticle gain.  The easy way is to do what we did — take the cable car to the top.

The mountain is a fascinating ecosystem and one of its most amazing features is the layer of cloud that forms on it, known as the “tablecloth” to the locals.  The tablecloth is not static.  Like the fog in San Francisco, it sometimes appears out of nowhere and moves.  The cloud actually advances with remarkable speed and can obscure your views in quick fashion.  But it’s delightful to watch!

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