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Signs of Waikiki

04 Signs of Waikiki

There’s a lot you can tell about a city simply by looking at small things, like its signage or public art.  Every city has unique and interesting shops and landmarks that add to its personality.

Today I’d like to share with you some of the signage and street art we saw in Waikiki Beach on a recent visit.   Waikiki is a fairly unique place.  Almost exclusively catering to tourists, the facilities and services are aimed at its thousands of visitors.  Still, you’ll see some of Honolulu’s many citizens enjoying the sand on the beach, or having dinner at one of the restaurants, or walking by the beach.  Surfing and paddle-boarding are especially popular because of how sweet the waves are as they break on the coral reef in Waikiki.  Many young adults finish work and then grab their surfboards and head to Waikiki to catch some waves before sunset.

As I look at the snow outside my window right now, wish I was down in Waikiki right now, looking for more signs!

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