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St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

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I’ve a fondness for visiting Farmers’ Markets in my travels.  One of the finest markets I’ve ever been to is the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto.  This market was recognized by National Geographic as the “world’s best food market” in 2012.  It’s one of two main markets in Toronto, the other being the Kensington Market.

The quality of the food in the market is superb.  Extremely fresh produce, meat, seafood and a wonderful assortment of cheeses and baked goods.  Much of the food is locally grown, often in farms north of Toronto but also the Niagara peninsula, and it’s supplemented with seafood from the maritime provinces and St. Lawrence seaway.  Many of the cheeses are made in Quebec but there are a large number from Europe as well.  There are food vendors preparing hot dishes, and tables for you to enjoy your mrket purchases.

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

The St. Lawrence Market has two main buildings.  South Market is located in a brick  building dating to 1844 (though very modernized and comfortable) and is open daily; it features over 120 specialty vendors.  South Market is where the photos on this blog were taken.   North Market is known for its Saturday Farmers’ Market, whose history began in 1803.  It’s where a large number of local farmers show up to sell their food,  and is the site of a popular antique market on Sunday.

A special note about a traditional and popular prepared food item you can buy at this market, at the Carousel Bakery, namely the “peameal” bacon sandwich.  Canadian bacon (called “back bacon” here, as opposed to “side bacon”) is made from the lean loin, not pork belly, and historically was rolled in ground peas to aid in preservation of the meat.  Now cornmeal is used instead of peameal, but the name “peameal” endures.  To prepare the sandwich, the peameal bacon is sliced fairly thickly, grilled and served on a roll.  It is delicious!  Photos of this are at the bottom of the gallery.  This sandwich originated in Toronto and is one of those local foods those who watch the Food Network make a pilgrimage to try.

Enjoy the market!  I certainly did

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