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“Pic of the Week”. June 6, 2014: 70th Anniversary of D-Day

2014 23b June 7D-Day Beaches 2013-001d American Cemetery

It was exactly seventy-years ago (to the day) that thousands of young American, British and Canadian soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy.  Code-named “Project Overlord”, the landing occurred at dawn on five strategic beaches, all given code names.  From West to East these were: Utah Beach (USA), Omaha Beach (USA), Gold Beach (UK), Juno Beach (Canada) and Sword Beach (UK).  Fighting was fierce and thousands of Allied and German troops died that historic day.  But it marked the beginning of the end of the war in the European theater and was a great victory for liberty!

Very few soldiers from that conflict are still alive but it’s important that we remember the horrors they faced and the sacrifices they made to preserve freedom.  There are many D-day related sites and places to visit when in Normandy, where you can remember them and pay your respects..  We found it very rewarding to explore this coast.

For a more detailed description of our visit to the D-Day sites, please go to my prior post at this link.

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