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One of the Most Scenic Road Trips in America! The Grand Army of the Republic Highway (Hwy I-70).

024 I-70 roadtrip heading east.  Spotted Wolf Canyon

The United States has some of the planet’s finest scenery and boasts dozens of great drives.  From the California’s Pacific Coast Highway, to Montana’s Going to the Sun Road, to Newfound Gap Road in the Smoky Mountains, there’s scenic drives in almost all parts of the country.  But I think this highway is one of the best.  As it winds through eastern Utah and western Colorado, you see varied scenery including desert with memorable and colorful rock monoliths, the Colorado River, canyons and the lush forested Colorado Rocky Mountains.

The road I’m referring to is the I-70 freeway and particularly the stretch between Salina, Utah to just before Denver, Colorado.  As it is a freeway, the highway is well maintained although quite high altitude (so use appropriate precautions in winter).  And as it is freeway, you can’t stop anywhere you want for photos — just at authorized pullouts and rest areas. As such, to share the travel experience, many of the photos in this gallery were taken from a moving vehicle (safety announcement:  I was not driving while taking these photos, and I am a highly trained professional skilled at avoiding foreground blurring. ).

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3 Responses to One of the Most Scenic Road Trips in America! The Grand Army of the Republic Highway (Hwy I-70).

  1. Lester says:

    Great scenery — and nice shots without foreground blurring. You will have to teach me about that trick.

    • DrFumblefinger says:

      The key is not to have the foreground in the photos, Lester. Fast shutter speed, and only distant scenery

  2. Rose Burghardt says:

    The change in topography from north to south is amazing. Enjoyed the trip!! You have some of the great pictures that I never took!!! Rose