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“Pic of the Week”. May 16, 2014: Honolulu, viewed from Diamond Head State Monument

515 Honolulu viewed from Diamond Head 10-004

As most everyone knows, the Hawaiian Islands exist because of land created by volcanic activity.  The newest of the islands, the Big Island, is the only one still showing active volcanoes but on the rest you’ll find remnants of that activity.

Diamond Head State Monument on Oaha, adjoining Honolulu, is a dormant and partially collapsed volcanic crater.  Used by the U.S. Military during the second World War for the strategic position and great views it provides, it’s now an interesting state park.  You can hike up the crater, including a portion through a rather long tunnel, and besides seeing some of the residua of its days as a military post, you’ll enjoy beautiful views of Honolulu as did we the day we did this hike.

It was during the last hour of daylight that our hike took us to the rim of Diamond Head.  It was a most pleasant time to be there to enjoy the ocean and city views!

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