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“Pic of the Week”. February 21, 2014: Making Bubbles, Luxembourg City

2014 007 Feb  21a Luxembourg Blowing bubbles

You’ll find street entertainers in almost every city, but I’ve never seen two guys put on a show in quite in this way before.

While walking through the beautiful historic downtown core of Luxembourg City, we came across these two men making soap bubbles.  I enjoyed making bubbles as a boy, running through the backyard with my little wand after dipping it in to the bowl of soapy fluid, trying to get the biggest bubbles I could.  But I never was able to produce bubbles one thousandth the size of these.  These guys used a large string loop on two sticks, dipped the string into a soapy solution and using a combination of gentle motion and the breeze, crafted something magical — even though it lasted only for a moment.  Take a look at these pictures in sequence to appreciate the size of this one — a single soap bubble probably 4 or 5 meters in length!  It may be the world’s largest soap bubble.

I have to admit it appealed to the kid in me!!  If I ever loose my day job, I know what my second career will be.

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