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“Pic of the Week”, November 8, 2013. Greenland from 30,000′

2013-45-November 8a

One of the advantages of the polar route between Europe and western North America is that on the westbound flight you generally travel during daylight.  The route takes you over southern Greenland and on a good day the view out your window is spectacular!  You’ll see part of its massive icecap, with thousands of square kilometers of mountains, ice and snow, and dozens of sharply defined glaciers.  It’s really a unique view, almost like flying over another planet.  Sadly most people have their shades closed and miss this spectacular scenery, napping or watching their video screens instead.

In the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to sit by the window on this route without a wing or engine blocking my view.  Not only did I have a clear sunny day but unusually clean windows.  The photos in this post are representative of what my wife and I saw for the better part of an hour.

Of course, there’s more to Greenland that ice and snow, though obviously there’s enough of that.  Small communities of rugged individuals are found on it’s shores.  And there is a growing base of tourist activities, mostly available during it’s short summer.  I hope to visit Greenland from sea level one day, probably by a cruise ship.  It makes sense to approach it by ship as most towns are on the coast and have very limited accommodations.

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