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“Pic of the Week”, August 16, 2013. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

2013-033-August 16

Victoria Falls is one of the Natural Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Spanning 1700 meters (1 mile) between two countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe, the falls represents a 100 m (330 foot) drop of the Zambezi River into its gorge.

The appearance of the waterfall differs greatly from season to season.  During the rainy season, the Zambian side is the preferred place to watch the falls as you really can`t see much then in Zimbabwe (high flow kicks up so much mist you get drenched and obscures the falls — hence the nickname,`The Smoke that Thunders`).  During the dry season, the Zambian side literally dries up, with little more than bare rocks visible, but Zimbabwe side still flows beautifully and you get to see the details of the waterfall and its rock formations, as in this picture.

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