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“Pic of the Week”. May 10, 2013. Stained glass reflection, National Cathedral, Washington D.C.

2013-003-January 18

I enjoy visiting cathedrals during my travels.  The architecture, beautiful art, attention to fine detail and soft lighting were designed to be a feast for the eye, the mind, and the soul.  When I enter a thousand year old church I try to put myself in the mind of the peasants for whom it was built — poor people who would have been awed by the size and grandeur of a church and by the large windows that lite it.

Stained glass windows are special not just for the colorful and interesting designs and stories they convey, but also for the beauty of the light transmitted through them and how it’s reflected on the walls and floors of the church.  This photo could be from any of the world’s great cathedrals — Sainte-Chapelle, Westminster Abbey, St. Stephen’s –it happens to be from a relative newcomer to this group, “the Nation’s Cathedral” in Washington D.C.

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