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“Pic of the Week”. April 19, 2013. Wedding Dancers, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2013-016-April 19

During my travels to Sri Lanka, I’ve always stayed at the historic Galle Face Hotel while in Colombo.  The Galle Face Hotel is over 150 years old, a slightly weathered but elegant remnant of the British Colonial era.  Situated by the Indian Ocean, it was Arthur C. Clarke‘s favorite hotel; he actually wrote most of 3001: The Final Odyssey in it’s Presidential Suite, and it was one of the few places you could get him to join you for dinner; the Galle Face’s old time elegance, cool evening ocean breezes, view of the sunset and an excellent kitchen made this very understandable.  Frequently on weekends the hotel hosted weddings, always a busy time.  It was common for these weddings to feature young people in traditional dress who danced and performed at the reception.

One day at dusk I was readying myself for a walk along the ocean by the Galle Green, a large park adjoining the hotel, when I encountered this group of dancers on the hotel’s veranda enjoying the refreshing evening breeze and waiting for a wedding to end and its reception to begin.   I enjoy meeting and interacting with Sri Lankans who tend to be shy people, but once approached usually share a beautiful smile and polite conversation.  I asked the dancers if they minded if I took their photo.  Obviously they didn’t and I was rewarded with a souvenir of a beautiful group of people!

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