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“Pic of the Week”. February 22, 2013. Hayfield, Okotoks, Alberta

2013-008-February 22

When most people think of Alberta they visualize its thick green forests and ruggedly beautiful Rocky Mountains (I’m guilty of this as well).  Alberta is one of Canada’s three prairie provinces (can you name the other two?), so mostly it’s fairly flat land.  It’s on these prairies that much of Alberta’s treasures lie, from rich crops of canola to the world’s best beef, from dinosaur fossils to its oilfields.

One afternoon when my wife and I were driving to see the fall colors in the Rocky Mountains we drove past this hay field near the small city of Okotoks, not far from my home.  Something about the golden color of the grass, the neat orderly hay rolls and rolling land appealed to me so I stopped to take this photo.  I find it emblematic of prairie life.

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