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“Pic of the Week”. November 23, 2012 — Thanksgiving display, Crystals Mall, Las Vegas, Nevada

November 23, 2012

I enjoy these colorful harvest displays, which are so very photogenic!  No one does them better than the folks in Vegas.  This was a rather small exhibit I chanced on while walking through the new Crystals Mall at the multi-billion dollar “City Center” complex.   The photo is framed so that you don’t notice the upscale shops, crowds of people, etc.  It seems a tranquil setting, even though it was quite busy.

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I want to wish all my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!!  Canadian Thanksgiving is in early October which makes sense because harvest is much earlier in this colder climate.  Thanksgiving is a uniquely (North) American Holiday, dating back over 400 years to the landing of the Pilgrims near Boston.   Tradition has it that Thanksgiving was a celebration of thanks shared by the Pilgrims and their Native Indian friends after a good harvest.  Thanksgiving is a time for family and football and thanks.  It’s the most important holiday in the United States — bigger even than Christmas (something my European friends find hard to believe).  And it heralds the unpleasant and extremely busy “Black Friday” shopping glut…not a good time to be in the stores.

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