“Pic of the Week”. November 30, 2012 — Musical monks, Kumjung, Khumbu region, Nepal

November 30, 2012

The Sherpa people live in one of the harshest regions on the planet, the Khumbu.  Their world is one of majestic steep mountains (the highest anywhere), roaring rivers, glaciers, steep trails and yaks.  There are no roads, no airports, not even a swimming pool.  They are poor and have little; still, they are among the happiest and friendliest people I’ve had the privilege of meeting.  The Sherpa are best know for their excellence in mountaineering.  From Sir Edmund Hillary on they have guided and staffed expeditions to the many tall peaks in the region, especially Mount Everest.

We had camped overnight near the village of Kumjung, close to Namche Bazaar and not far from Mount Everest.  It …

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