“Pic of the Week”. April 26, 2013. Giraffes, Okavango Delta, Botswana

2013-017-April 26

Giraffes are almost as entertaining as elephants.  Seemly awkward with their thin spindly legs, halting gait and l-o-n-g necks, they have a gentle nature that I find appealing.  A few interesting facts about giraffes:

– They are the tallest terrestrial mammal, standing 5-6 m. (16-20′), with males weighing up to 1500 kg (3500 pounds).  Baby giraffes are born almost 2 meters (6′) tall!

– They have long purple tongues — long enough with which to touch their ears.  Scientists think their tongue is colored to help protect it from sunburn.  Giraffes eat 35 kg of vegetation a day, virtually all torn off by their purplish tongues.

– They sleep only 30 minutes a day!  If they were lawyers, that would leave them almost 24 hours …

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