“Pic of the Week”, April 17, 2015: Castel Sant’ Angelo, Rome


During a recent (and all too short) visit to Rome, my wife and I spent a day strolling the Baroque section of town.  Just as the sun was setting, we found ourselves along the historic and beautiful Tiber River.  In the distance, silhouetted by the setting sun, was the dome of St. Peter’s basilica  Near us was Castel Sant’Angelo.

Castel Sant’Angelo is a castle-like building that houses the remains of Emperor Hadrian, he of Hadrian’s Wall fame (which still stands in Britain).   Castel Sant’Angelo was built around 140 AD and over the years has served as a place of refuge and a military fortress.  Baroque statues of angels holding elements of the Passion of Christ line its approach.  It …

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