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“Pic of the Week”, July 21, 2017: Ha’Penny Bridge, Dublin


A landmark worth looking for while exploring Dublin is the charming Ha’Penny Bridge.  The bridge was built in 1816 and was the first to span the River Liffey.  Before this bridge was built, the only public option Dubliners had for crossing the river was to use a ferry, most of which were in a bad state of repair.  Approval was given to build the bridge.  To recoup the cost of its construction, the owner of the bridge was allowed to exact a toll from all who crossed which was, as you’ve guessed by now, a half penny.  The toll was dropped in 1919.

The bridge has a 43 metre span, is 3 metres in width and rises 3 metres above the river. Originally called the Wellington Bridge (after Dublin-born Duke of Wellington), the name was changed to Liffey Bridge, which remains its official name to this day, although most people still call it the Ha’penny Bridge.  Today about 30,000 people daily make the journey across the bridge.

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