“Pic of the Week”. June 13, 2014: Shoshone Falls, Idaho

2014 23a June 7 Shoshone Falls, Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls

Known as the “Niagara Falls of the west”,  Shoshone Falls is a lovely cascade situated in the desert just east of Twin Falls, Idaho.   The falls are 212 feet (65m) tall and about 900 feet (275 m) wide.  At this point the Snake River drops in a series of steps and the result, as you can see, is beautiful!  A bonus is the brilliant rainbow you’ll be guaranteed to see in the mist on a sunny day.

Stroll along the edge of the Snake River Gorge and you’ll find a natural arch.  If you look downriver you’ll see where legendary stunt-devil, Evil Knievel, attemped his jump across the Canyon.  The Snake River Canyon and Shoshone Falls are natural treasures that are …

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Yoho National Park: Yoho Valley, Twin Falls and Whaleback Circuit


In a region of beautiful and dramatic scenery, Yoho Valley holds its own. The Yoho Valley Road is only a few kilometers east of the small town of Field, British Columbia, just off the very accessible TransCanada Highway.  Don’t expect to be here alone — this a popular area, especially on nice summer days.  Many who drive into the valley just stop to see Takakkaw waterfall, then continue on with their car trip.  At 384 m high (with 254 m “free fall”), Takakkaw — pronounced Tah-kuh-kah, Cree for “it is wonderful” — is the tallest of a number of memorable waterfalls you’ll find when exploring Yoho Valley.  It is one of Canada’s highest waterfalls.

I generally like to hike alone or with a small group …

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Don’t forget to stop at Twin Falls

Don’t forget to stop at Twin Falls

Most travelers seem in a big hurry to complete their drive on I-84, through the lava fields of the Snake River Plain.  Their destinations are often Boise to the north, Yellowstone National Park to the east or Salt Lake City to the south.  I’d encourage people to slow down and use Twin Falls as their base of operation if they want to explore places in south-central Idaho like Craters of the Moon National Monument or the Sun Valley area.

Twin Falls is a small, clean neat city — typical of so many in the heartland.  It provides very reasonably priced services to travelers (a large …

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