“Pic of the Week”, March 2, 2018: School of Fish, Sparks, Nevada


One of our stops during a recent visit to the Reno area was the Outlets at Sparks.   The store selection and shopping experience left a bit to be desired, but there were some clever pieces of public art including this one, which I really liked.  Anyone who’s ever watched a school of sardines swim know how the individual fish merge into a collective organism, and that idea was brilliantly captured in this piece.

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“Pic of the Week”, November 3, 2017: Famine Memorial, Dublin

Famine Memorial 1

A friend once told me that good public art should capture your attention and “get you in the gut”.  That’s certainly true of the Famine statues on Custom House Quay in Dublin’s modernized Docklands.  These gaunt figures commemorate the Great Potato Famine of the mid-19th century (1845 – 1847), referred to as An Gorta Mór –“the great hunger”.   The location is historic as it was the site of the first voyage of the famine exodus on the ship Perseverance. The work is entitled “Famine” and was presented to the People of Ireland by Norma Smurfit in 1997.

During the great famine approximately 1 million Irish people died and a million more emigrated from Ireland, reducing the island’s population by about 25%. …

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Graffitimundo: Graffiti as Street Art, Buenos Aires

Graffitimundo Buenos Aires 2014 110 Chacarita.   Jaz’s Tiger-football player hybrids

During our first day in Buenos Aires, we took a guided tour of its street art that was run by Graffitimundoa non-profit organization that promotes street art and artists in this city.  It was a very nice introduction to the the Argentine capital and to its very popular street art.

During my travels I’ve noticed more and more graffiti in major cities, and over the past decade especially there has been evolution of crude graffiti into art that’s often extremely interesting and of high quality.  It grabs your attention and makes you stop and study it, as good art should.  This is also true of Buenos Aires where street art began blossoming around the time of the financial crisis …

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