“Pic of the Week”, May 1, 2015: Paw-prints in the sand, Botswana

Chobe-2011-096-Lion prints

There’s something about the presence of a lion that tickles the primitive warning centers of our brain.  I guess it’s the old “prey” warning in us, because the hair began to rise on the back of my neck when I saw these paw-prints in the sand.

We were up for an early morning game drive and not far from our cabin I encountered these paw-prints. They were huge — the diameter of a small grapefruit!  They clearly had been made by a big cat, likely a lion (possibly a leopard, I suppose).  No one had seen or heard the animal during the night and we had no idea where it was, although I imagine it was well on its way by …

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“Pic of the Week”, August 8, 2014: African Buffalo, Sandibe concession, Botswana

2014 32b Aug 8, 2014  Buffalo, Sandibe

One of the most memorable half hours I’ve ever spent on safari was watching this herd of buffalo cross the Okavango Delta.  It was just before sunset and the light was soft and magical, what John Steinbeck liked to call, “the hour of the pearl”.  We approached the buffalo herd downwind so they couldn’t pick up our scent, but they were aware of our presence.  The larger, stronger animals came to the front of the herd and made a living wall between us and the smaller and weaker buffalo.  There they stood, trying to see us (they have bad vision) and smell us, and we sat back taking it all in, enjoying this magnificent spectacle of nature!

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“Pic of the Week”. December 27, 2013. Setting Sun, Sandibe, Botswana

2013-52- December 27a Sandibe. Delta at sunset

As another year is ready to fade into the history books and a new one about to begin, I thought it appropriate to end this year’s “Pic of the Week” series with a few beautiful, tropical sunset photos.  These were taken in Botwsana’s Okavango Delta, at Sandibe, which  I’ve written about before and you can read more about here.  The photos were taken during a boat cruise on the waterways of the Okavango Delta.

I wish all of you the very best during this Holiday Season and a wonderful and travel-filled 2014!!

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The Best of the Okavango Delta: Sandibe Lodge

The Best of the Okavango Delta — Sandibe Lodge

The three days we spent at Sandibe are among the most memorable travel days I’ve ever experienced!   In my prior post I’ve discussed an overview of the Okavango Delta and our stay at the Xudum Delta Lodge.  As great as that experience was our stay at Sandibe (pronounced San-dee-bee) was even more wonderful.

Like Xudum, Sandibe is situated in the Okavango Delta just south of the Moremi Game Reserve.  It’s a large private concession — a former game hunting preserve, but now a photo-safari destination — in a much drier part of the delta than Xudum.  While there are still …

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