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La Dolce Vita (Part 7) Padova (Padua)

La Dolce Vita 7) Padova (Padua)

There are several good day trips one can make from Venice, one of the easiest being to the fun small city of Padova (which we Anglophiles often call Padua).  The city is an easy half hour train ride from Venice, with trains leaving around every half hour, so advanced reservations really aren’t needed.

For centuries Padova lived under Venetian rule although several hundred years ago it became an independent city.  The town is well know for its historic University, in existence since the 13th century (and highlighting such faculty as Galileo, Copernicus and Dante).  So Padova has many of the enjoyable features of visiting any smaller college city.  It also features two unique and worthwhile churches and a historic core that’s …

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