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“Pic of the Week”, April 17, 2020: The Big Five, Manitoba Legislative Building

00 Nellie McClung

Situated on the west grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg is an artwork depicting a meeting of women, known as the “Famous Five”.  They are gathered around a table signing a petition.

Best known of the five is Nellie McClung, a Manitoban who for years worked to bring about peaceful social change, and succeeded.  In January 1916 she helped Manitoba women become the first in Canada to win the right to vote.  She also helped influence the 1929 decision wherein Canadian women were recognized as “persons” under The British North America Act.  The signing of a petition for this legislation is the scene portrayed in this monument. 

While she was born in Ontario, Nellie moved to Manitoba in 1880 and …

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“Pic of the Week”, April 5, 2019: Union Point Church, Manitoba.

03 Trip to Morris (11)

Sometimes it’s good to stop at places you’ve driven by hundreds of times and actually explore them.  Such was the case with my visit to the Union Point Church south of St. Agathe in southern Manitoba.

The church is situated between the north and south-bound lanes of highway 75, the road that connects Winnipeg to southern Manitoba and North Dakota.  It’s a fairly important road, so thousands of people drive by the church every day but I suspect hardly anyone ever stops for a visit.

Union Point church was originally built in 1887, destroyed by fire in 1939, and rebuilt in 1940. There’s a small cemetery beside the church with tombstones dating to the late 19th century.  There was once also a …

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Everyone loves a parade! The gathering — Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

007 Winnipeg  parade

My father lives in Winnipeg and I visit him several times a year.  During these weekend visits we mostly relax and catch up but we both enjoy going out to explore and see things.  Never know what you might find when you do!

Like most North American cities (and maybe even more than most), Winnipeg is a rich mosaic of people from different countries.  This cultural and ethnic diversity is highlighted in a series of festivals throughout the year the most notable of which is Folklorama, an annual 2 week celebration.  Immigrants and their descendants set up “Pavilions” around the city (often in school auditoriums or community centers) in which the traditional food, song, dance, and artifacts from that …

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