“Pic of the Week”. July 26, 2013. Kayaker at Sunset, Johnstone Strait, British Columbia

2013-030-July 26

Johnstone Strait is a segment of the Inside Passage, through which cruise ships transit on their journey from Vancouver to Alaska (and back again).  It’s a nice place to go on a cruise mostly because its scenery is beautiful and grand, but also because you’re guaranteed a smooth ride as the waters are sheltered by Vancouver Island (and other small islands along the coast).  Situated by the northeastern part of Vancouver Island, the Strait is about 100 km long and between 2.5 to 5 km in width.

Johnstone Strait is home to several pods of Orcas, numbering around 150 individual whales, which feast on the rich fish life in these waters, especially salmon.  Because of the high concentration of whales it’s become …

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In John Steinbeck’s wake: My Blog from the Sea of Cortez.

Baja-Espiritu-Santo- Island-2005-Intro

As a lad I enjoyed exploring the world through the pages of a good book.  Arthur C. Clarke lead me on diving adventures off Ceylon and Australia, as well as on a Space Odyssey.  Ray Bradbury chronicled life on Mars, and John Steinbeck guided me down Cannery Row.  Steinbeck also chronicled a visit to the Gulf of California in his book, “The Log from the Sea of Cortez“, which summarized a 6 week journey of leisurely exploration and specimen collection he and his buddy, marine biologist Ed Ricketts (“Doc”), undertook in 1940s.  Steinbeck did not publish the book until after Rickett’s untimely death in a traffic accident, probably motivated to do so as a tribute to his dear friend.  Being scientifically inclined, even when quite young, I was …

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