“Pic of the Week”, Sept. 6, 2013. Masked Dancers, Kandy Cultural Show, Sri Lanka

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One of the great joys of traveling is seeing the art, costumes and traditions of different people.   Something everyone going to Kandy (in the low Hill Country of central Sri Lanka) should experience is one of its “cultural shows”.  These shows feature traditional music (mostly drummers), dancers, acrobats, and a variety of clothing styles from different regions of Sri Lanka.  The show usually ends with a fire walker traversing a bed of hot coals with bare feet, an amazing sight! (the key is to have thick callused soles and to move quickly)

Several of the dances in this “cultural show” feature the traditional masks of Sri Lanka, which represent various mythological characters.  These dancers convey a folk-story with their …

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Sri Lanka: A Land Like No Other (Part 7) Kandy

Sri Lanka —  7) Kandy

The Sinhalese name for this city is Maha Nuvara (Senkadagalapura), impossible for the British to pronounce so they just called it Kandy.  Located in the forested foothills of the central mountains, about 1500 feet above sea level, Kandy is appealing to Sri Lankans as well as to visitors.  The weather is cooler and less humid than on the coast, especially at night.  Kandy is the second largest city in Sri Lanka and the gateway to the Hill Country and Cultural Triangle, so there’s lots to see and do.  It’s easily accessible by road and train from Colombo, offering scenic journeys through coconut and rubber plantations and rice paddies.   I’ve visited Kandy four times and enjoyed each visit.

Like Polonnaruwa …

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