“Pic of the Week”. January 18, 2013. Gray Whales, Magdalena Bay, Mexico

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Gray whales are well known to those living near the west coast of North America.  Every spring they migrate 7,000 kilometers north to the plankton rich waters off Alaska where they feast and put on a thick layer of blubber.  This sustains them during their 2 month fall migration south to several bays off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, including Magdalena Bay at the southern most point of their journey.  In these waters they mate and the following year females give birth in the same bays.  A few months after arriving in Baja they begin their migration back to Alaska, somehow knowing the ice has receded and their food source will again be plentiful.   The last to join this migration are …

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Baja California: The Gray Whales of Magdalena Bay


The journey there…..

After wrapping up a relaxing and fun-filled stay on Isla Espiritu Santo, we drive from La Paz north and west up the Baja peninsula towards the Pacific Ocean.  The countryside is desert and the vegetation not unlike what you’d find in Arizona or parts of Southern California.  Within 4 hours we reach the shores of Magdalena Bay; our crew loads the skiffs and we make our way across the bay to its northeast shore.  The area teams with bird life, especially pelicans and gulls.  The Bay is huge, 50 km long, with a distant outlet to the Pacific, and its waters are fairly calm, sheltered by two large islands; it’s clear why Magdalena Bay would …

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