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Graffitimundo: Graffiti as Street Art, Buenos Aires

Graffitimundo Buenos Aires 2014 110 Chacarita.   Jaz’s Tiger-football player hybrids

During our first day in Buenos Aires, we took a guided tour of its street art that was run by Graffitimundoa non-profit organization that promotes street art and artists in this city.  It was a very nice introduction to the the Argentine capital and to its very popular street art.

During my travels I’ve noticed more and more graffiti in major cities, and over the past decade especially there has been evolution of crude graffiti into art that’s often extremely interesting and of high quality.  It grabs your attention and makes you stop and study it, as good art should.  This is also true of Buenos Aires where street art began blossoming around the time of the financial crisis …

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