“Pic of the Week”, December 18, 2020: Brown Bear fishing at Devil’s Falls, Alaska

Fishing 00

We planned our latest visit to Alaska to coincide with the salmon spawning season because this is when large numbers of Alaskan brown bears migrate to the rivers and streams to begin a feast, fattening themselves for the upcoming winter hibernation.
It had been a nearly rain-free and warm summer in Alaska and many of the streams were dry.  Fortunately Devil’s Falls, which drains glacier melt from the mountains of Katmai National Park, was in full flow.  The base of the falls is only a few meters above sea level but, nonetheless, salmon spawn here and bears gather to catch them.  Our boats could go only so far up the river during rising tide because of all the rocks in the …

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Bald Eagle and Salmon, Alaska


It’s the dream of every photographer to capture the classic image of a bald eagle plucking a struggling fish out of the water.  While we didn’t get to see that moment this time, we did see the immediate sequelae of this action while in Katmai National Park.
We came across this drenched eagle, its talons deeply embedded into the flesh of a chum salmon.  The eagle had clearly been in a struggle getting this hefty fish to shore, and the fish was still flopping about a little as the bird began to feast on his fresh sushi. 
This sequence of images shows the fish protectively eating his meal.  While our boat was probably 10 meters from him, that was too close and …

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A Perfect Maritime Fishing Village — Peggy’s Cove

03 Peggy’s Cove (10)

When one thinks of Canada’s East Coast, a pretty fishing village with its own lighthouse is certainly an image many people would have.  And there may be no more picture-perfect Maritime fishing village than Peggy’s Cove (although I haven’t visited them all, so I could be wrong).  The village was founded in 1811 and is the eastern point of the St. Margaret’s Bay (it’s thought the town’s name was derived from one of the common terms for Margaret — Peggy).

Peggy’s Cove is just a slow hour’s drive (43 km) from the provincial capital of Halifax, making it a very popular day trip destination.  We visited in the fall and the town was still crowded with tourists — I can only …

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A Day in Fiumicino, Italy

22 FCO February 2015.  Tiber River

Many people travel through the small city of Fiumicino, but few people stop to visit.  Rome’s main airport, Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino (FCO) is situated a few kilometers from downtown Fiumicino.  It’s about a half hour cab ride to historic Rome and about a half hour on the Leonardo Express train from FCO to Rome’s main terminal.

Fiumicino offers a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle of the big city life you’ll find in Rome or Milan.  A small fishing village built on one of the branches of the Tiber River as it flows into the sea, fishing is still an important part of it’s economy.

We enjoyed watching the fishing boats return to harbor from the Tyrrhenian Sea, followed …

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