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A Visit to Ernest Hemingway Home, Key West

00 Hemingway House, Key West

One of the most popular attractions in Old Key West is a stop at the Home and Museum of iconic author, Ernest Hemingway.  Hemingway was an adventurous man who lived in many places in his life including France, Spain, Cuba, Idaho and Florida.
The Hemingway home is lovely home and interesting to visit.  Hemingway only lived here from 1931 to 1939, although he retained ownership of it until he died.  Key West was Hemingway’s kind of town — eclectic, with lots of physical activity available to him in the form of deep-sea fishing (especially for marlin and tuna) and boxing, and good pubs for drinking and socializing.  Some of his most important works were written in Key West including “A Farewell …

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“Pic of the Week”, April 3, 2020: Sloppy Joe’s Bar, Key West

Key West, Florida (500)

Sloppy Joe’s Bar is located on Key West’s main business street, Duval Street.  The bar opened in 1933, the day prohibition ended.  It was to move locations and have a name change or two before it ended up being at its current site in Key West.  The name finally chosen was borrowed from the original Sloppy Joe’s bar in Havana, Cuba, although today the name has really stuck to the Key West location.

Local legend has it that Joe Russell, the original owner, was a friend of author Ernest Hemingway who lived in Key West at that time, and that Joe provided Mr. Hemingway with some illegal hooch during prohibition. It seems likely that Hemingway would have visited the bar when …

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In Hemingway’s footsteps: Ketchum and Sun Valley

In Hemingway’s footsteps — Ketchum and Sun Valley

As we drive north from Twin Falls, through the lava fields, farms and sage, I take in the majestic mountains up ahead as they emerge from the clouds.  It’s easy to see why this area had a special place in ‘Papa’ Hemingway’s heart, and why he had chosen this as his final home…it would hard to find a better setting.

I’d first heard of the adjoining twin towns of Sun Valley & Ketchum when reading about one of my favorite writers, Ernest Hemingway.  Hemingway was a complicated individual but an extremely talented writer.  A man who lived life to the fullest in almost every way — manly outdoor adventure, partying, drinking, and writing about these experiences in …

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