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The Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires

00 Metropolitain Cathedral, Buenos Aires

The Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires) faces Plaza de Mayo, near the heart of the city, and is close to the Presidential palace, Casa Rosada.  This is the church where before 2013 Pope Francis served as Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio.  The church now houses the Pope Francis Museum featuring personal and religious artefacts belonging to the Pope, but we visited before this Museum had opened so I can’t comment on it.
A church was first built on this site in 1593 and it has been redesigned and updated seven times since.  Construction on the current church was started in 1752 but not completed until the mid-nineteenth century, and the facade was finished in the early 20th …

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St. Mary’s in the Mountain, Virginia City, Nevada

‘s in the Mountains

Virginia City is an interesting destination, being one of the best preserved “Wild West” towns I’ve ever visited.  Once a prosperous mining city, it was one of the largest communities in northwestern Nevada during the late 19th century.  Thousands of people flocked here when silver and gold were discovered in the Comstock, including many Irish Catholic immigrants.  Those of you who remember the popular television series, Bonanza, will remember that the Cartwrights frequently visited Virginia City to conduct their business.  They were not alone, as Virginia City provided services to local miners, ranchers and timber men. There’s lots to see in this old town, still a center of commerce but now catering mostly to tourists rather than locals.

I thought the …

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