“Pic of the Week”. December 21, 2012. Holiday exhibit, Bellagio Conseratory, Las Vegas, Nevada.

December 21, 2012 001

One of my favorite stops in Las Vegas is the Bellagio resort.  Not only is it an elegantly designed building, it features the world’s best water fountain show, a wonderful Chihuly constructed chandelier in the lobby, a great Sunday brunch, but especially a delightful Conservatory and botanical gardens.  The Conservatory has exhibits that change every few months and I’m especially fond of their Fall (Halloween) and Winter (Christmas) themed displays.  These exhibits are clever and beautifully executed.  The hotel and it’s Conservatory was prominently featured in the popular Oceans 11 movie.

This photo shows a small part of the Christmas display.   The two polar bears were both made of mostly …

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