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Great Cars Along the Highway: 1952 Oldsmobile Super 88

1952 Oldsmobile Super 88 (1)

One of my favorite vehicles is the Oldsmobile 88, a car which was also very popular with American consumers.  The line was introduced in 1949 and the Oldsmobile 88 was produced until 1999.  It was the top-selling line of cars for a remarkable twenty-four years.
In 1952, Oldsmobile’s most popular car was the Super 88, with 118,558 units sold. The Super 88 had been introduced the prior year as a more upscale version of the basic 88.  Super 88s were offered in five different body styles, but what made them so popular was a well-earned reputation for being a top performing car.  The Super 88 was powered by a Rocket Power V8 engine, shared with Oldsmobile’s Super 98 line. 
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