“Pic of the Week”, July 3, 2015: Polar Bears, Manitoba


Manitoba is famous for its polar bears, especially the wild ones around Hudson’s Bay.  For several weeks each fall Churchill draws the attention of animal lovers from around the world, as they flock to this small port town for their chance to see these massive animals on the shore of Hudson’s Bay, waiting for the water to freeze so they can go out and hunt seals.

These polar bears are completely benign, not man-eaters but created by man.  We came across this colorful display of polar bears behind the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg.  Beautifully and cleverly designed and executed by the artists, now presented for your enjoyment!


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“Pic of the Week”, June 26, 2015: The Swan Valley Swan


I love going on leisurely roadtrips.  The kind where you can stop along the way, enjoy a nice view, or explore an interesting destination.

Earlier this month my dad and I drove about 300 miles from Winnipeg to Swan River to visit an uncle and aunt that live there.  It had been almost 20 years since I’d made this journey, and both of us enjoyed the drive.   The land was mostly flat prairie, but as you approach Swan River it becomes more interesting because of the hills, forests, and the small towns and farms you pass.

Swan River is a nice small farming-based community of a few thousand residents in east-central Manitoba.  It has modest hills on each side of it and …

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A Day at the Forks Market, Winnipeg

040 Winnipeg Forks Market 03-2014  (96)

Experiencing local food is an essential part of being in a new destination — the mortar that binds the many pieces of the travel experience.  For this and other reasons, I love to visiting markets around the world.   This is, however, the first visit to a farmer’s type market in the middle of a cold Canadian winter, so let me show you what this looks like when it’s -20 C outside.

While visiting out father in Winnipeg this past winter, my brother and I decided to spend a few hours at “The Forks“.  Anyone who’s been to Winnipeg will know the important context of these words.  “The Forks” refers to the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, …

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Everyone loves a parade! The gathering — Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

007 Winnipeg  parade

My father lives in Winnipeg and I visit him several times a year.  During these weekend visits we mostly relax and catch up but we both enjoy going out to explore and see things.  Never know what you might find when you do!

Like most North American cities (and maybe even more than most), Winnipeg is a rich mosaic of people from different countries.  This cultural and ethnic diversity is highlighted in a series of festivals throughout the year the most notable of which is Folklorama, an annual 2 week celebration.  Immigrants and their descendants set up “Pavilions” around the city (often in school auditoriums or community centers) in which the traditional food, song, dance, and artifacts from that …

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