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Thunder Oak Cheese Farm, Ontario

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An interesting place to visit near Thunder Bay is the Thunder Oak Cheese Farm.  Here you have the opportunity to see Dutch-style Gouda cheese being made, and have the chance to sample or buy some interesting Gouda flavors. The farm is located a few miles south of the city of Thunder Bay. 

The Thunder Oak Cheese Farm is run by the Schep Family, who immigrated from Holland and have been making fine Gouda in Canada since 1995.  The Scheps have their own Holstein dairy herd from which their natural (no preservatives or color added) Gouda is made.

Thunder Oaks Cheese Farm, Thunder Bay

Thunder Oak Cheese Farm, Thunder Bay

Cheese is surprisingly popular in Canada, much of it originating in Quebec.  So it’s unusual to see a cheese factory outside of that province.  In 2002, Thunder Oak won the Dairy Farmers of Canada Grand Prix award for best Firm Cheese.

I first visited the cheese farm about 10 years ago when it was in a much smaller building, but found on a visit this year that it has since moved into a more modern and spacious facility, with higher production capacity, and a nice gift shop where besides cheese you have the opportunity to buy an assorted Dutch imports.  I’m glad to report that the cheese still tastes great!

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