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Bald Eagle and Salmon, Alaska


It’s the dream of every photographer to capture the classic image of a bald eagle plucking a struggling fish out of the water.  While we didn’t get to see that moment this time, we did see the immediate sequelae of this action while in Katmai National Park.

We came across this drenched eagle, its talons deeply embedded into the flesh of a chum salmon.  The eagle had clearly been in a struggle getting this hefty fish to shore, and the fish was still flopping about a little as the bird began to feast on his fresh sushi. 

This sequence of images shows the fish protectively eating his meal.  While our boat was probably 10 meters from him, that was too close and he struggled and dragged the fish further up shore to finish his lunch.

This video highlights some of that encounter:

Just one of many memorable moments from Alaska which I hope to share with you in the coming months.

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