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Celebrity Car Museum, Branson, Missouri

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Branson is known for its many family-themed attractions, a few of which feature cars.  I’m fond of seeing interesting cars and trucks and thought a visit to the Celebrity Car Museum might be fun. 

“Celebrity Car Museum and Attraction: The Velvet Collection” features over 100 vehicles that have ties to the movie and television industry.  Most of these are cars and many are easily recognized, but there were also some rare vehicles displayed so it wasn’t all about star power.  Besides the vehicles, you’ll see film-related memorabilia.  Video monitors throughout the museum run short film loops clips focusing on scenes in which the displayed cars are featured on film. 

Once you pay your admission, you can walk around at your leisure and take all the photos you want.  The vehicles are roped off and while you can get close, you can’t touch them.  For an additional fee ($10 – $20) you can have your photo taken inside some of the most popular vehicles in the collection, like the 1966 Batmobile, Back to the Future DeLorean, or the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine. It took us well over two hours to do a leisurely walk through, but if you didn’t stop much you could do it in less than half that time.

The museum opened in 2012 and the Velvet family still owns and operates it.  The collection is constantly changing as new vehicles are added and some are sold.  I’m told that 40% of the museum’s displays are rotated every year.

Your introduction to interesting vehicles begins outside the building where you’ll find copies of the Scooby Doo van, vehicles from Cars, the Ghostbuster hearse, and one of the Jurassic Park Jeeps.

The fun continues after you pay your admission fee and enter the museum.  There are a lot of interesting cars, some of my favorites of which you can see below.  These are so numerous as to be divided into two separate slideshows:

(Click on thumbnails to enlarge, right arrow to advance slideshow)

And some more cars from this fun museum!


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