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The Ljubljana Botanical Garden

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One of Ljubljana’s less visited sites is its Botanical Garden.  Situated about a half hour’s walk from the historic heart of the city, the garden is an interesting green diversion.  The walk  to the gardens takes you past some lovely scenes, like the ones below.

The Ljubljana Botanical Garden was established in 1810, making it the oldest botanical garden in southeastern Europe.  It’s affiliated with the city’s University and as such is a formal part of this scientific and educational institution. While it is quite small (just 2 hectacres — about 5 acres), it has a surprisingly large diversity of plant life and plant environments, with more than 4,500 different species, a third being native to Slovenia.

Ljubljana Botanical Garden

Ljubljana Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden plays an important role in studying and protecting the country’s rare and endangered plant species. 

The garden has several sections, including an arboretum dominated by trees, a section where flowering plants are highlighted, areas with marsh and water plants, and rocky terrain gardens.  As it is university affiliated, there are research areas within the garden. 

Ljubljana Botanical Garden

Ljubljana Botanical Garden

The focal point of the garden is it’s large tropical glasshouse, seen in the top photo.  The glasshouse was built on the 200th anniversary of the garden. It’s home to plants typical of tropical forests, providing them a warm and humid environment.  Such tropical greenhouses are especially popular during the cold winter months. 

  • The following are the garden’s hours:
    • 1 April – 31 October: 7:00-19:00 daily
    • 1 November – 31 March: 7:00-17:00 daily
    • June till August: 7:00-20:00 daily

Visiting the gardens is free, but there is a small admission to enter the tropical glasshouse.

Ljubljana Botanical Garden

Ljubljana Botanical Garden

It’s a nice attraction, but I’d put it in the second tier of the city’s sights. Something to visit when the historic sites in the city have been explored.  And of course, for those who love gardens, this is a place you’ll enjoy.

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