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“Pic of the Week”, May 17, 2019: Enjoying the last Remnant of Winter


These photos were taken almost a year ago, after  an unusually long and cold winter, with snow lasting well into May, 2018. 

I visit my elderly father, who lives in Winnipeg, as often as possible.  He is no longer able to drive but he still likes to go on road-trips.  Just a little over 2 months ago we headed north of Winnipeg to the beach community of Victoria Beach, situated on the shore of massive Lake Winnipeg, where we’d had a cabin in the 1980s and 1990s.  My dad and I both have many special memories of this community during those years.

A focal point of the community is its pier, built and maintained by the Government of Canada as a place where Coast Guard ships patrolling Lake Winnipeg can dock from time to time.  The pier is a poplar place to fish.  I personally have hauled hundreds of fish out of the lake right at this spot.

While the bulk of the lake had thawed, my dad and I were astounded by how much ice remained near the pier so late into spring (mid-May). 

That didn’t stop these tough young Canadians from enjoying the warm sunny day as they floated on these mini-bergs.

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