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The Griffith Observatory: Los Angeles’ Art Deco Treasure

01 Griffith Observatory

One of Los Angeles’ most famous landmarks is the Griffith Observatory, which is situated on a hill (in massive Griffith Park) overlooking the Los Angeles basin.  Designed to be an observatory of the planets and stars, it’s a beautiful Art Deco structure that houses space and science exhibitions and has a great planetarium. 

While smog obscures the views from the Observatory most of the time, the place is especially memorable for its great views on a clear day like the one I had the last time I visited.  The Hollywood sign and views of Hollywood, Downtown LA, the Westside and the Pacific Ocean will be among your most treasured memories of your visit to the City of Angels.

View of Downtown Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory

Griffith J Griffith left 3,015 acres to the City of Los Angeles (which became Griffith Park) and donated funds to build the observatory as he wanted to make astronomy accessible to all.  The Griffith Observatory opened to the public in 1935.  Because of the beauty of the building and it’s environment, it has been featured on many TV shows and movies, from Rebel without a Cause to LALA Land.

Admission to the building and grounds is free, but there are charges for planetarium shows.  It’s hard to find a parking space near the observatory, especially on clear days, weekends and holidays. There are shuttle buses you can take from within the park oryou can hike a mile up the hill if you choose to visit during those busy times.

Definitely worth checking out!

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