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“Pic of the Week”, July 14, 2017. Airport Art, Denver

10 Denver Airport

When I have some spare time between flights I often walk around airports.  In large part this is to stretch my legs and get a little exercise before the lengthy time spent in a crowded airplane seat.  I’m a fan of nicely designed and interesting airports and like to explore some of their shops, get a bite to eat, and people watch.  Airports also increasingly seem to have interesting collections of art on display.  It makes sense to have such exhibits at airports because these places are often crowded and busy, in the case of Denver, nearly 60,000,000 people traveling through it in a given year.  Admittedly many travelers won’t give something more than a glance but others, like me, stop and look when they’ve the time.

A number of the exhibits in Denver International Airport had an aviation theme; in fact, many of them are actual aircraft — beautiful preserved and displayed and to me that makes them art, rather than just a curiosity (an opinion I hold of classic automobiles as well).  Take a look at some of what I found around that airport.

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