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Classic Steel — a visit to the Rolling Sculpture Car Show, Canmore


Happy Canada Day, eh?  Today is Canada’s 150th birthday and across the country people are celebrating in a big way.  It’s not everyday a country reaches that age and there is good reason to celebrate, because Canada is a great place to live!  There’s a “suggestion” from the Canadian government that a certain percentage of media be “Canadian Content”, so here is our piece of Canadian content for today.

I wonder if there is anything more Canadian than spending a pleasant summer day enjoying classic cars with the beautiful Alberta Rocky Mountains as a backdrop?  Probably so, but those things likely would be a lot less fun.

Summers in Canada, or for that matter any place that has cold snowy winters, are highlights for many reasons.  Besides the beautiful weather and long sunny days, this is the season when all those great cars that have been stored away during the icy winter months come rolling onto the roads again.  I currently live in Alberta and was surprised by how many Albertans collect old cars — proportionately at least equal to the USA.  While short, the summer season brings a large number of  car “gatherings” — where like-minded people meet and show off their classic metal and make new friends.

Rolling Sculpture 2015
I visited the Rolling Sculpture Car Club Show a few years ago and hope to go again this year.  It’s a charity event, with all proceeds supporting Children’s charities in the area.  The show was held in Canmore’s spacious Centennial Park, on a large grassy field with terrific views of several Rocky Mountain peaks, including Ha Ling and Rundle Mountains. It’s a beautiful place to be.  I never counted how many cars were there but I’d guess at least 200.

Here are photos sharing some of what I saw that day….

(Click on thumbnails to enlarge, then right arrow to advance slide show)

Show overview:


Pre-1950s Cars:


1951 through 1958 Cars


1961 through 1968 Cars:


1969 through 1980s Cars:



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