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Signs of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Signs of Halifax (1)

I’d never visited Halifax before this past summer and was not quite sure what I’d find when I visited.  As it is a provincial capital, I expected a lot of government and corporate offices and was not to be disappointed in that regard.  I didn’t expect the city’s natural harbor to be as lovely as it was, nor did I expect the downtown construction boom we encountered as the area is one of the poorest in Canada.  It is also one of the dirtiest cities I’ve seen in a country known for its cleanliness, so this revitalization offers promises of a better tomorrow.

Halifax has a number of interesting attractions, none overwhelming, but with an engaging Maritime Museum and a unique historic tie to the survivors and deceased of the famous Titanic shipwreck.  It has a great harbor-side boardwalk, wonderful seafood, and lots of breweries (including iconic Alexander Keith 1820 Brewery), pubs and friendly folks.

As I study and document signs in my travels, I find these help me determine, to some degree, the personality of a city.  Here then are my signs of Halifax.

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