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“Pic of the Week”, March 4, 2017: Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island

058 Kangaroo Island, Seal Bay

One of the most interesting days we had on our visit to Kangaroo Island included a stop at Seal Bay, now a Conservation Park.  The Bay is home to a colony of up to 1,000 Australian Sea Lions, one of the rarest types of sea lions.  Less than 15,000 of them exist and this Bay is home to one of the largest colonies.

When we visited, there were no other people on the Bay, or for that matter, any of the beaches we stopped at on the island.  It seemed a little odd at the time to be on a miles long stretch of beautiful sandy beach and not have any other people about.  But we took advantage of the opportunity to observe these animals up close (but not so close as to disturb them).  The pups were especially adorable!  The sea lion sanctuary includes a marine park which protects their aquatic home.

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