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The Colors of India


Before my visit I’d never formed a mental picture of India as being a particularly colorful place, although I’m sure it has natural areas in the mountains and along the coast that are lovely.  Natural beauty was not my experience when traveling around northern India in February.  I found the areas near Delhi and Rajasthan to be exceedingly dirty, dusty and gray-brown.  The plants were coated in dirt, parched and most had lost their leaves, the monsoon still months away.  It would be interesting to see the region again after cleansing and rejuvenating summer rains, but I have no desire to visit when India’s temperatures are around 50 C and the humidity approaches 100%.  (Note:  The weather in February was absolutely perfect).

What I wasn’t prepared for is that despite its sepia landscapes, India is an amazingly colorful country.  These colors are, of course, worn by its people.  Lovely sarees were everywhere and in a flamboyant moving rainbow of shades.  Color combinations that seem like they should clash anywhere else worked remarkably well on the lovely Indian ladies.

I found these colors to be mesmerizing, and my camera lens was frequently drawn to them.  The Indian people are very friendly and most enjoyed having their photos taken.  I’m pleased to share these images with you.

Here’s some of what I saw along the way…..



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