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Signs of Pinedale

04 Signs of Pinedale

Pinedale is a small town in Wyoming, the southern gateway to Jackson Hole (about a hour’s drive away).  It’s situated at the base of the beautiful Wind River Mountains.  Pinedale has a population of about 2,000 residents and is an important outdoor adventure hub.  There’s a lot of natural country nearby for hiking, camping, backpacking, hunting and ATV adventures, and hundreds of lakes for fishing and water sports.  The climate is subarctic because of its high altitude so winter is long and winter sports like snowmobiling, skating, snowboarding and skiing are very popular.

An unusual local attraction is the Museum of the Mountain Man, highlighting those rugged individuals who pioneered this region.  The town hosts the Green River Rendezvous, a reenactment of historic fur trader gatherings.  During Rendezvous, rodeos are held in town, with all the fun family activities you find in that setting like carnival food, rides and the like.

It’s a small town but, as I’ve learned since I started collecting signs, it definitely has a character all its own.  Folks we met during our brief visit were friendly and helpful. There’s a lots of cowboys and outdoor adventurer around here.

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