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St Stephen’s Green, Dublin

09 Dublin, St. Stephen’s Green 10 -2013 (15d)

Some have described St. Stephen’s Green as the heart of Dublin.  I guess that’s true of most good city parks, and it’s certainly true of St. Stephen’s.

We stayed at a small hotel just a block from St. Stephen’s when we visited Dublin and walked through the park several times a day as we went to and from our varying destinations in the city.  It was fall, cool but not cold (although crisp at night), and the leaves were starting to change color and fall to the ground.  As with everything else in Ireland, it was a lush green place.

The park goes back to the 17th century, but its current Victorian creation opened in 1880 for all people in Dublin.  Rectangular in shape and not particularly large at just 9 hectare (22 acres), it’s thoughtfully laid out and frankly seems larger when you’re walking through it.  There’s a perimeter of trees and shrubs, beds of colorful annuals, fountains and a pond for waterfowl—typical of Victorian era parks.

There are over 3.5 km of pathways within St. Stephen’s, a small waterfall, an ornamental lake which provides a home for ducks and swans (and the many people who like to feed them).  A number of sculptures are located throughout the green, several of which were featured in our clues, including a famine memorial and a bust of famous author, James Joyce.  Mr. Joyce lived very near the park and visited it often.

I’d rank this high on places to visit while in Dublin.  It’s a destination for families, lovers and friends who all enjoy strolling through, as will you.  Great for people watching and relaxing.

And a few more images of St. Stephen’s Green (hold your mouse over an image for its legend)……

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